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Leaders in Real Estate Appraisals and Consulting

Who we are?

Leaders in Valuation and Real Estate Consultancy.

Tinsa is a multinational company which offers valuation services and real estate consultancy & research, it began in 1985 and since then has been consolidating its position of leadership thanks to its diversification and geographic coverage, as well as its high degree of specialization and recognition in each country in which it operates.

Throughout her career, Tinsa has done more than four millions of valuations services and consulting of all types of properties, consolidating its position as market leader year after year. 

Tinsa in Latin America offers valuation services and real estate consultancy & research services since 2000 and has offices in Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Ecuador, as well as experience in all the countries of Latin America. 

Tinsa has established itself as a reference in American real estate market due the relationship of trust and good service with its broad portfolio of customers; As an example of this recognition we can mention the prestigious magazine Euromoney which has awarded Tinsa for the four year in a row as first Consultant and Real Estate Advisor in the categories of valuation and market research.

In Mexico, Tinsa offers different business lines covering the needs of real estate valuation, valuation of all types of assets, as well as real estate consultancy, market research specialist and a methodology that it boasts the highest international standards of quality, technical controls, technology and service.

We focus on understanding the needs of our customers and to offer professional services which are appropriate to our client’s needs; Under Tinsa´s national and international experience we offer solutions and services to the mortgage and financial sector, business and corporate, real estate developers and investors, among many others.

Real Estate Property Appraisals.

TINSA performs over 20,000 annual appraisals in Mexico and exceeds the 4,000,000 globally, for which is the indisputable specialized leader. Our Appraisals adjust to International and National Standards and are executed by specialized professionals.

We provide high quality standards in all our appraisals through a strict control, standardized procedures and market knowledge. They are supported by the information and data bases build by our Research area and advanced geo-referenced information systems.

We have national coverage and experience in all type of properties:


  • Residential, Commercial, Offices and Mixed Uses
  • Urban and Rustic land plots
  • Industrial Warehouses and building
  • Hotels and Tourism
  • Properties linked to economic exploitation
  • Preliminary Technical Report and Construction Supervision
  • Specialized properties


We have knowledge over national and international regulations. Our Appraisers have high qualifications such as RICS, MAI, and SHF (National Mortgage Society).

Among the purposes our Appraisal can respond are:


  • Mortgage Credit: Bank, Infonavit, Fovissste and Sofomes
  • International Finance Reporting Standards: IFRS
  • National Accounting Regulations: Bulletin B-10 and C-15
  • Commercial Appraisal
  • Fiscal and Cadastral
  • Company assets value
  • Consulting services and Decision Making
  • Bonds and insurances


Machinery and Equipment Valuation.

Do you know the value of your Company assets?

The appraisal value is positioned between the minimum and maximum asset value. For an economic entity (volume of machinery), the global value will be furnished as well as the possible variation if the parts are offered individually in the market.

The factors considered during the inspection of the assets to be appraised are:


  • Operability
  • Technical characteristics
  • A quotation of the new good
  • Company assets value
  • Age and condition
  • Market demand


Our experience and specialists staffs allow us to appraise all type of Company assets. Together with our inventory and asset management specialists allow us to provide an integral service to fulfill the companies needs.


Hotel Valuation.

We valuate throughout our knowledge of the Hotel business.

Hotel business is fundamental for tourism sector and general business, becoming an important national industry. In every Hotel appraisal is necessary to identify the main sector structural characteristics as key for its competitive strength and profitability. TINSA analyses the critical factor for its success concisely and reliably.

The appraisal methods must follow the decision making process guidelines of the market operators in order to obtain real results, consistent with the appraisal purposes.

Our Hotels (and related property) appraisals, consider fundamental the tourism market knowledge and analysis to determine the financial flows that the property will produce in the market. This knowledge is enriched by TINSA´s international experience in the sector as well as the consultancy made by our HTL (Hotel, Tourism and Leisure) area for different clients in the market.


Fiscal and Property Registry Appraisals

In Tinsa we have knowledge, experience and the necessary registrations before the Federal District Tax and Revenue Department (Tesorería del Distrito Federal) in order to perform fiscal appraisals for the following purposes:


  • Property Purchase tax payment (ISAI)
  • Regulation of property taxes
  • Tax payment for property rights


We have extensive experience in the fiscal area, covering appraisals for individual or companies properties.


Appraisal of Company Assets

Do you know the value of your Company assets?

TINSA’s Company Appraisal area provides a set of services tailor to fit, aimed to companies or individuals who need an opinion report of independent value, aligned to international appraisal principles.

Our experience and specialists staffs allow us to appraise all type of Company assets, such as:


  • Real Estate Properties
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Trademarks and patents
  • Economic units, companies and businesses


Appraisal under IFRS or NIFS regulations.

The asset value under the international appraisal regulations.

There is a global trend to migrate to single standard the financial information of the companies, regulated by the guidelines of the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

In Mexico, the Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV) announced that the public entities must submit their financial reports and apply the guidelines under IFRS effective year 2012. Although the above is exempted to the rest of the companies, it is considered as a good financial practice as an optional way.

The IFRS requires to change the fixed assets old “book value” to a market or ”fair value”, supported by an appraisal report performed by a specialized company.

Applying the convergence of the assets to IFRS, you will get the following advantages:


  • Homologate the asset value to single international standards
  • Potential improvement of the company to be acquired by an external investor
  • Organization and cleaning of the auxiliary of the fixed assets
  • Accuracy in profits projection
  • Determination of the real economic value of the assets in the financial balance


Our international presence and experience for assets appraisals under IFRS for international and local companies allow us to understand our customers’ specific needs in these processes.


Inventories and Asset Management

Do you know the inventory and assets of your Company?

An effective management of company assets depends on having accurate information on them:


  • Description
  • Location
  • Make or brand
  • Model
  • Serial number (if available)
  • Components
  • Photographic Registration
  • Active Fixed Code (Code Bar)
  • Categories – Subcategory
  • Users
  • Special characteristics


A good and complete inventory helps to set optimization plans, management, reliable accounting information and decision making for the company. Inventory can be made on all identifiable assets of the Company.

Our assets information control system allows us to configure (flexibly) the terminals to make exhaustive inventory, providing information according to our customers requested parameters.

We provide different approaches in the fixed assets services, adapting ourselves to our customers needs and requirements.


  • Record of Fixed Assets
  • Inventory of Fixed Assets
  • Identification of Fixed Assets (Labeling or Code Bar Tag)
  • Conciliation of Fixed Assets
  • Audit of Physical Fixed Assets


The services of identification of the assets help us to provide an integrated service within the frame of the IFRS regulations related to the fixed assets appraisal. Working from scratch in the assets Control and Inventory, is a fundamental step to develop an accurate appraisal of such assets to comply with the International Finance Reporting Standards (IFRS).


Valuation of Companies and Businesses.

In addition of companies’ assets appraisals, Tinsa provides services to determine the value of the companies and intangible elements, such as:


  • Economic Units
  • Trademarks and patents
  • Ongoing businesses


The appraisal of companies and intangible assets helps to succeed in the process of purchase or investment on a company, as well as the evaluation of the loss or earned value from the Direction management perspective.

Market research

The main goal of TINSA RESEARCH, is to assist the Real Estate developer in making decisions, helping to minimize the risk inherent in the activity with complete and updated information of the market and the day by day knowledge of this Industry.

We Provide our customers strategic information for the decision making, as well as, minimize the risk inherent to the activity. Our Market Research consider the analysis of any type of zoning: Residential, Offices, Commercial, Industrial Projects, Tourism and combined use.


  • Studies based in the actual supply within the area of influence
  • Record and analysis of comparable supply against the Project of study
  • Validation of data and determination of successful products
  • Recommendations and specific conclusions

The mix of knowledge of he market obtained by TINSA during 20 years and our powerful and updated data base, allows us to study, support and provide accurate analysis of the market that we are studying. We provide our clients all the necessary answers to develop their projects with greater guarantees.


Consumer Analysis

The goal of these studies is to identify the main motivations that potential buyers have in order to search and later buy a property.

In TINSA we accurately identify the future buyer; we analyze and deeply study the qualitative and quantitative aspects that influence the purchase decision.

The methodology mainly focuses on making surveys previously prepared and structured by our specialists to obtain answers that may identify aspects that encourage the decision making of the final customer and that may form part of the planning and design of the project.


  • Consumer profile Identification
  • Dimension of the demand
  • Design of questionnaires and surveys
  • Analysis of indicators
  • Conclusions and recommendations supported on the expectation of the potential market

Study of mixed use potential based on market and consumer analysis.

Analysis for projects with combined zoning, using our supply and demand studies and understanding the permissibility of the use of property, we provide a detailed analysis of each zoning. In this way, we are able to visualize the maximum potential for the zoning of study.

Hotel, Tourism & Leisure.

Our services are aimed to provide our clients with relevant information and concrete solutions at the time of making decisions, either for the owners of property land, investors, hotel operators, businessmen or national or local authorities of the government sector.

The marketing experience in the sector, with the activity of Real Estate intelligence, allows to provide our customers the most relevant information of the Real Estate sector and support our recommendations.

  • With each Real Estate proposal we achieve well focused and successful projects
  • We identify opportunities through evaluations and diagnostics
  • We create well supported strategies focused to each Project in order to attract and obtain the purchase decision of the final customer
  • Our services apply to each one of the commercial processes, either in a planning stage or at advanced stage for any type of Real Estate Project
  • We lead creative teams in order to assure that each Marketing tool produces key and distinguishable values

Tinsa Research is the unit specialized in the preparation of situation analysis and of markets. This initiative emerged to inform about different aspects that affect the Real Estate sector from an independent perspective, contributing with knowledge and information that the Tinsa experts have obtained during their activity.

INCOIN– Real Estate Report for the Federal District and the Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Mexico (Informe Coyuntura Inmobiliaria en DF y ZMVM)

A detailed, unique and exclusive analysis of the sector that gathers information of the Real Estate market from a census with quarterly follow up. Usually, this type of report is based on extrapolations and do not have a total coverage of the city. INCOIN contains all the information of new projects for sale.

Purpose of the Report

Understand, identify and quantify the behavior of the main variables that affect the Real Estate market in the short and medium terms within the metropolitan area of the Valley of Mexico. 

Content of the Report

Typology Variables, commercial values, unit value, sales velocity, sold units, available stock, useful surface, time to sell out stock.

Project Variables, type of products, number of phases o stages, finishing, amenities, condition of the work, number of parking lots and warehouses (securities), surfaces associated with the project.

Area of recurrent coverage:  Mexico City and Metro Area of the Valley of Mexico.

Universe of the survey: Active projects in advance sale or for sale stages.